Canvas Printing

Our canvases are beautiful! Just on their own or as part of a set, they will look great in any home, reminding you of wonderful memories!
Our canvases are made with the finest Fujifilm branded materials, and made with the upmost care, crafted by our trained employees. We promise you will never be disappointed with our quality!

Our canvases come in all shapes and sizes including;
8 inch x 12 inch (A4 paper sized)
10 inch x 14 inch
12 inch x 12 inch
12 inch x 16 inch (A3 paper sized)
18 inch x 24 inch (A2 paper sized)
And custom sizes can be negotiated!

We use a specific large format printer crafted by Epson to print your memories onto Fujifilm branded canvas material, we use this expensive material to make sure that they do not fade over time like cheaper brands! We also make them for your convenience, even during our busy periods they will be ready for the next day at the very latest, however they normally take between 2/3 hours to complete! We know that speed is of the essence so in most cases if you order in the morning, after your shopping spree it will be ready in the afternoon! If you are confused about the sizes and need a helping hand in choosing the right size, give our shop a visit and we can talk you through the options, then the rest is down to us! Our photo printing service is quick, efficient and great quality!

We use the finest Fujifilm printer and paper to give you the best product we possibly can! Our printer can print exceptionally fast, you will have the real images in your hands in about 10 minutes, which we think is pretty good! Our prints come in all shapes and sizes, large and small. We have our standard sizes and square sizes, from 6 inch x 4 inch (Standard) all the way to A1 sized (pretty big!) and everything in between! So whatever frame you need to fill, we have your back! You can even order your images here on our website! So, you can print from the comfort of your home! How good is that? If you don’t have a frame to fill, you can choose one of ours! We have a fantastic collection of frames in store ready to fill with treasured memories! All you need to do is ask and we can get it all ready for you! If you want quality, choose Photo Express.